Yoga: “Inhale the Future, Exhale the Past”

Are you looking for a workout that builds strength, improves flexibility, mobility, balance and co-ordination as and at the same time is mindful and improves your breathing? Try Yoga! Whilst many people think of Yoga as a very gentle practice, it can also be very physical.

Kat teaches a variety of Yoga classes for different levels – strong and gentle: Yoga Flow, Core and Tone for fitness, Yoga for Bones and Yoga-Pilates Chair for rehabilitation and well-being. Her focus is on improving functional movements, that is improve balance and everyday movements as well as athletic performance. More information on the individual classes below

What exactly is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice with roots in philosophy and energy practices. Hatha Yoga, the physical practice of Yoga, is just part of an all-round practice that also includes breathing exercises, meditation and much more. This page is about the physical practice of Yoga – “Yoga exercise”. If you are looking for meditative practices, check out my relaxation and sleep page.

There are many styles of physical Yoga to choose from these days – Iyengar and Ashtanga are the most well known but there are countless schools and something for every taste. Kat trained with the British Wheel of Yoga on a comprehensive two year training that covered all the main themes and styles of Yoga and in restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater. She then developed her own style – a flowing style of Yoga that incorporates elements from Chi Gong and movement practices that improve tone and core strength.

For those with a reasonable level of fitness I offer Yoga Warrior Flow, Yoga Tone and Yoga Core (you will need to be able to get on and off the floor easily for these classes). For rehabilitation and those who want a workout without getting on and off the floor, I offer gentle Yoga for Bones and Chair Yoga-Pilates Fusion. All classes are presently taught online. For more information on all these classes see below.

Yoga Warrior Flow

Yoga Warrior Flow – harmoniously dynamic, fluid and flexible and yet at the same time powerful and strong. This flowing, mindful Yoga class is inspired by a wide variety of Vinyasa Yoga styles as well as other Eastern movement practices, such as Tai Chi and Chi Gong which combine wonderfully with Yoga to increase range of motion, agility, balance, strength and body confidence. A mindful flow that relates breath to movement.

I have been doing yoga and Pilates with Kat for nearly 10 years and as I approach my sixties I can honestly say I am probably as flexible and supple as I was in my twenties. Kat’s classes are amazing and inspiring and have given me more movement throughout my entire body.  I feel so much better in myself – calmer and more centred. My breathing feels deeper and I can sustain poses and actions by just being conscious about how I breathe. After each class I sleep better and wake more refreshed” Liz

Kat teaches Yoga Warrior Flow on Tuesday evenings (7.15-8.30pm) and Wednesday mornings (10-11.15am). At the moment these classes are taught online. You will need a Yoga mat.

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Yoga Tone and Yoga Core

Yoga Tone and Yoga Core blend the mindful practice of Yoga with dynamic strength training and functional mobility exercises to improve cardiovascular fitness, build stamina, compound strength and increase range of motion.

Yoga Core – builds strength and tapas. Tapas translates as heat and determination. Tapas is an important concept in Yoga as we need tapas to get going and do things when we would rather sit in front of the fire or snuggle up in bed. We need tapas to get out of bed, walk in the grey weather, even make it to class…. Yoga core combines Flow Yoga with Garuda and Pilates exercises that target in particular the abdominal, buttock and back muscles. Special attention is on bilateral symmetry and stability of the pelvis, lower limb strength and functionality. For this class, you need a set of Yoga bricks. Online class on Saturdays 9-10.

“I have done a lot of Yoga but your classes are really different. I feel so much stronger and fitter.” Phil

Yoga Tone combines Flow Yoga with toning exercises inspired by Tai Chi ball work as well as Barre. Although our focus is on improving strength, mobility and expressiveness of the upper body and arms, the whole body will become more supple and stronger. For this class you will need a soft Pilates weighted ball (0.5-1 kg, available from Yoga Mad, for example). Online class on Fridays 10-11.

I am really enjoying the yoga tone classes. They are so good for my general suppleness and for building strength. Using the small ball weight really makes me focus on the different parts of the body I am using” Katherine

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Gentle Yoga for Healthy Bones

Suitable for all levels: a mostly standing functional Yoga class that includes some Yoga poses as well as some “functional” exercises and some Bones for Life to improve balance, flexibility, strength and co-ordination. A small study in 2009 found that Yoga might also improve bone density (1).

“The gentle yoga for bones class makes me feel more confident about keeping healthy, fit and happy with osteoporosis – it’s a game changer!” Julie

Please note: Even though this class is specifically designed for those with minor or moderate bone density issues and avoids those asanas which are contra-indicated, in case of advanced osteoporosis Yoga asana are inadvisable. Please confirm with a medical professional, such as your GP or a physiotherapist and then contact me to discuss your case before joining the class.

Wednesday mornings 9-9.45

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(1) Fishman, et all, 2009, Yoga for Osteoporosis – a pilot study, Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation

Chair Yoga-Pilates fusion:

A fully seated, chair-based Pilates-Yoga fusion class that focuses on improving functional strength and mobility in the upper back and arms, the abdominal muscles and the legs.

This is a great class for anyone who has problems with their feet or legs or for anyone who has a misaligned pelvis. The chair provides feedback to the pelvis and hips so this class is a great way to become more aware of our habitual patterns in this area of the body.

“…my tummy muscles have improved and my hip bursitis has just about disappeared” Diana

These fully seated classes offer a full-body workout for anyone whatever their fitness level. You will need a sturdy chair and, if required, some light weights.

Monday and Friday mornings 9.50-10.35. For Kat’s full class times click here.

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Kat trained as a level 4 British Wheel of Yoga teacher, a comprehensive 2 year 500+ hour teacher training.