Breath, meditation and other relaxation and well-being techniques

Looking after our well-being, such as being able to relax and let go of stress, is at least as important for the health of our mind and body as having strength, stamina, endurance and aerobic abilities.

Learning to deal with stress is probably the most important change we can make in our lives. Stress is known to lead to many diseases, affecting our bodies and mind.

Exercise can help us deal with stress. Any exercise can! My fitness classes – be they Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais or functional classes – are “body-mind” classes, meaning that we try to release physical as well as emotional tension.

I hold a level 2 in mental health first aid and am offering a range of therapies, including meditation, breath work and Face Yoga and as a medical herbalist, that can help those undergoing stressful events.

I also offer a range of classes and therapies that are targeted to improve well-being:

Insomnia and Relaxation:

Sleep is vital for our mental and physical well-being and health. But maybe it is even more than that: “We are somewhat more ourselves in our sleeps; and the slumber of the body seems to be the waking of the soul” Thomas Browne

Most of us have the odd sleepless night. But for some of us, our sleep is disrupted on a regular basis – either we find it difficult to fall asleep or have disturbed sleep, waking up during the night and finding it difficult to go back to sleep. This may be due to medical reasons so you should always check with your GP if you suffer from chronic insomnia. Mostly, though insomnia is caused by stress and tension – physical or mental.

The Relax-and-Restore-Sleep class is designed to help the body to release tension and let go of stress-related thinking. The class combines breathing exercises with small micro-movements.

Monday nights 7.45 from the end of September 2020

Face Yoga: our face doesn’t just reflect our life and our emotions, it also affects how we feel. A frown apparently sends signals to the brain that says that we should feel sad. So releasing the muscles of the face may just change our attitude to life and might even make us happier. Face yoga also improves lymphatic flow and blood supply to the face and brain. It is said that face yoga can help reduce headaches, help us enunciate better and lift our mood. It might even make us more intelligent but I can’t promise that…. But who cares when we are having fun pulling all those funny faces together in the classes (Online class on Saturday and Tuesday mornings from 9-9.20 from the end of September)!

Kat holds a diploma in Face Yoga



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