Lose Weight, Gain Vitality

Are you just looking to tone up and lose some weight around the midline or are you looking to shift more? I offer classes that suit both – stronger Yoga Flow classes for those who are fit and just looking to lose those couple of extra pounds (yes, Yoga can be brilliant for weight loss!) or standing Pilates and gentle Yoga classes for those who find it harder to exercise.

Fit Yoga Flow classes Tuesdays 19.15-20.30, Wednesdays 10-11.15, Fridays 10.45-11.45 and Saturdays 9-10

Standing Pilates Mondays and Fridays 9-9.45; Chair Fitness Mondays and Fridays 9.50-10.35

I also hold a GP referral qualification for obesity and diabetes and offer fitness and diet coaching for obese clients. Read below for more information:

Emotional Balance Fitness for Getting back the Life and Look you Want

Many of us are struggling with our weight. Health issues related to weight gain, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and lymphatic drainage issues, are rising fast. Being overweight also impacts other parts of our lives. Maybe you get out of breath more easily and find that your energy levels are too low to have an active social life and to enjoy activities with your friends and loved ones, maybe you feel unhappy and depressed, maybe shopping for clothes has stopped being fun. Can exercise help you lose that excess weight and regain that energy and zest for life?

It can – but only as part of an overall plan. Yes, that involves changes in your diet but it’s too simple to say eat less, exercise more. There is a lot more to regaining your shape. And you probably know that. Many people who are trying to lose weight have tried at least one diet and have joined a gym or fitness class to shed the pounds. And for most people this approach does not work. Why? Do people stop exercising and go back to their former diet? Yes, many do although some find that after an initial period of seeing the pounds tumble, the weight creeps up again however much exercise they do or however much they stick to rigid diets.

So what’s the answer? First of all, we need to exercise less and move more. What’s the difference? Moving more should be part of our daily life whilst exercise only serves one purpose – to exercise. So if we become more active in our daily lives rather than rely on just an exercise class we are less likely to “fail”.

Secondly, we need to address stress levels. Some studies suggest that weight gain is not just due to eating too much or exercising too little but also due to rising levels of stress, too little sleep and increased levels of inflammation. All of these change our metabolism and our hormones – and also lead to stress-related emotional eating. So, we need to tackle stress if we want to tackle weight gain. My approach is a combination of anti-inflammatory foods (here comes the diet part) and movement that calms the nervous system and reduces stress and inflammation.

Thirdly, we need to build up good habits. Habits change our mind. Our mind plays a big part in getting fitter, more toned, slimmer. Have you ever noticed that there are times when you have a snack even when you are not hungry? Say either when you are feeling a little low, are bored or maybe even when you feel excited? That’s your emotional mind controlling your appetite. In Yoga we work with the body and the mind. I offer pre-recorded and live short movement snacks that increase movement and are designed to regulate moods and emotions. Taking small movement snacks when you feel emotionally drawn to food will increase your movement levels and might even decrease your appetite. And these movement snacks are tailored to your mood: uplifting or grounding, depending on what is your food trigger (mine is excitement or boredom!). And even better, studies suggest “movement snacks” – short periods of movement of 10 to 20 minutes ideally before you eat (unless you are diabetic in which case you might want to have a light snack before moving) stabilise blood sugar levels and thereby increases the sense of feeling full faster and for longer. Yoga also includes meditation – another way to change our brainwaves and mind.

So does this programme contain no exercise at all? Well, not quite. Exercise can help to release endorphins. So if you feel ready and inspired to take an exercise class, in addition to the slower emotion-modifying classes, I also offer a variety of exercise classes that are suitable for anyone who wants to regain fitness and a more toned, svelte body. But exercise for the fun of it – not to burn a few extra calories that you eat immediately after class. The calming movement snacks are the bedrock of regaining the life and look you want, exercise is the cherry on top of the cake!

Get in touch if you want to discuss joining a class or to find out more about the recorded programme of “movement snacks”.

I hold a Level 4 GP referral for Diabetes and Obesity and can also advise on other issues that may need addressing

insomnia and stress (as a Yoga teacher I am qualified to teach meditation. I also offer Sleep Therapy)

lymphatic problems (I offer movement for the lymphatic system and co-founded Tripudio Movement Systems)

osteoporosis (I am a trained Bones for Life and Buff Bones teacher)

problems with foot health

pelvic floor dysfunction

diet (I hold a BSc in Health Science and can advise on diet)

I also offer one-to-one sessions that will help you reach your target. Get in touch if you want to discuss your aims with me or are just curious about the classes on offer.