Kat co-developed Tripudio Movement Systems, movement for the fluid systems, together with lymphatic therapist Julia Williams.

Tripudio is movement with a focus on the fluid systems of the body, including the lymphatic system and the cardiovascular system. Principles from manual lymphatic drainage are combined with fascia (connective tissue) release techniques and translated into movements. Tripudio classes start and finish with a specifically designed warm-up and cool-down sequence that follows the protocol of manual lymphatic drainage and focuses on balance. The rest of the class is a combination of connective tissue stretching, non-weight bearing gentle strengthening and low impact aerobic dances set to music. Exercise is gentle to avoid fatigue and overexertion of the venous system.

The class can be taken standing or seated. Tripudio is therefore ideally suited to mixed levels of fitness and everyone can work to his or her own ability.

Tripudio stretches focus on releasing tension, fascia and scar tissue, all of which are thought to inhibit lymphatic health. Tripudio is therefore aimed at post-surgical rehabilitation, such as after breast cancer or prostate cancer. Those with chronic illnesses and chronic pain may also benefit, as may post-natal women, especially post-caesarean, where lymph flow can be inhibited through scar tissue.

Classes emphasise fun – after all, Tripudio is the Latin word for “Dance” but is also translatable as “Leap with Joy” – leaving our clients feeling uplifted. Clients report improved feelings of wellbeing as well as increased range of movement and overall health and fitness levels.

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