Timetable and Prices

Due to Corona virus all classes are held on zoom.

“Kat has a unique and innovative way of teaching and this has translated beautifully to Zoom based classes.  I can now easily attend three classes per week in my own home and credit Kat with the fact that I am the strongest, fittest and most flexible I have been in at least two decades!” Karen

“Kat manages to build a sense of intimacy and group friendship in the classes, despite being online, but that also allows me to groan loudly when needed! I love them” Joyce

Classes need to be pre-booked. Contact me to book a place, to find out whether the class is suitable for you or for any other enquiries.


£30 per month for one online class per week (can be a different class each week);

£45 per month for unlimited online classes (Take as many classes as you wish and includes access to recordings);

Drop-in: £10 per online class; £15 for one week of unlimited classes.

Pre-recorded Classes only. £20/month.

Private one-to-one online (zoom) session £60/hour (or pack of three classes £150, needs to be pre-paid)

Private in person £80/hour (pack of three classes £200, needs to be pre-paid)

Kat’s classes are great! Not only have I found my balance ( standing on one leg) improving, but the tension in my shoulders and back is relaxing. Kat’s running commentary during the lessons is also very informative as to why the movements we are practicing are important for the building up / maintaining of our core strength. You take it on board and find yourself incorporating them into your daily activity/ walks! She is by far the best Pilates teacher I have had and offers something to everyone one!” Georgie

Pilates Mat

A mat-based Pilates class that combines Pilates with Feldenkrais focusing on mobility and stability. See my Pilates page for more information. Open to all abilities. You will need a mat

Monday evenings 6pm – 7pm

Tuesdays mornings 9.30 am-10.30am

If you are new to class, please fill in this health form

Pilates Stability Ball and Pilates Foam Roller

Pilates small equipment like the stability ball or the foam roller add another dimension to the matwork repertoire. They can support our movement and release more tension and yet they also help us work that little bit harder and improve our balance a little bit more. Give these classes a try – you might never just want to do normal matwork again….!

Pilates Stability Ball Sunday mornings 9.30-10.30

Pilates Foam Roller Tuesday evenings 6-7

Chair Functional: Pilates-Yoga-Garuda Fusion

A fully seated, chair-based Pilates-Yoga fusion class, inspired by Garuda chair, offering a full-body workout for anyone. Includes lymphatic (Tripudio-based) and Pilates for Osteoporosis/Bones for Life elements. You will need a sturdy chair.

Monday mornings 10.15-11 and Friday mornings 9.50-10.35

If you are new to class, please fill in this health form

Circuit Style Functional Pilates

A whole body conditioning Pilates-based workout that improves muscular strength, stamina and balance, cardiovascular endurance and overall physical functionality. Improves your natural range of movement, balance and creates a toned body. We will use our own body weight and readily available props, such as a sturdy chair and cans as weights. You will also need a mat.

Monday mornings 9.15 am – 10 am and Friday mornings 9-9.45

If you are new to class, please fill in this health form

“I realised yesterday that when I was trying to get up from the floor, having knelt down to pick something up, that  I could get up a lot more easily than I usually could! So, it looks like all your hard work is paying off!” Heather

Gentle Yoga for Bones

A general level functional Yoga class focusing on Bone Health issues.

Wednesday mornings 9-9.45

Yoga Warrior Flow

A flowing Yoga class that focuses on mobility, stability and balance. You need a mat and a bit of space.

Tuesday evenings 7.15 pm – 8.30 pm and

Wednesday mornings 10 am -11.15 am

If you are new to class, please fill in this health form

Yoga Tone and Yoga Core

A creative Yoga Flow class focusing on compound body tone and strength. You can choose between Yoga Tone Arms and Yoga Core. If you join Yoga Tone Arms you will need a weighted ball for additional upper body mobility and strength: 0.5 kg/1 kg weighted ball (try Yoga Mad’s Pilates weight) and a Yoga mat. For Yoga Core, it will be useful if you have Yoga bricks and a Yoga mat.

“I love the extra challenge using the weight of the ball.  Such a little ball, so much weight!” Jo

Fridays 10.45 am -11.45 am Yoga Tone and

Saturdays 9 am -10 am Yoga Core

If you are new to class, please fill in this health form

Rest-and-Recover-Sleep Class

The Relax-and-Restore-Sleep workshops are designed to help the body to release tension and let go of stress-related thinking. The workshop combines breathing exercises with small micro-movements.

These classes are now available as recorded classes.

Contact me to check about dates

Face Yoga

Moving the muscles of our face is more than just vanity (although what’s wrong with that?). The face is how we relate to the world: we’ll work the muscles of the mouth, the eyes, the nose, the jaw but we also release tension in the neck and shoulders and upper spine. Face Yoga is said to help release tension that can lead to migraines or teeth grinding and is even said to help us relax and get a better night’s sleep. It can help us maintain good lymphatic and blood circulation. I can’t promise that you’ll look like a 20 year old – but it’s a lovely practice and the funny faces we pull might make you laugh out loud….

“Thanks for the face yoga class. I have felt that my face was getting stuck in sad, and really not moving much. It’s amazing the difference that has made. Not just in my face, but to my whole mood” J.S.

Tuesday mornings 9 – 9.25

Please ensure that you are working in a safe environment, that I can see you on your device and that you can see and hear me clearly. Remember that you can stop at any time or leave out exercises that do not feel right. If you are worried about any health conditions please check with a GP whether exercise is appropriate for you and contact me to discuss your health condition.

Due to insurance restrictions I cannot accept students from the United States. Apologies.

“I joined Kat online during the November 2020 lockdown. She has empowered me to rediscover a focus, purpose and pattern to my life, which I had somewhat lost due to the pandemic.  Her classes have been vital in regaining both physical and mental strength and flexibility” Jo