Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome can be one reasons for insomnia.

It generally occurs during times of resting and sleeping and is marked by a strong urge to move the legs. There can also be sensations of tingling, burning and aching as well as pain and cramps.

In many cases, the exact cause is unknown. In some cases restless leg syndrome is genetic. Another cause may be low levels of iron and a fall in dopamine. Problems with circulation and venous insufficiency have been found in about 20% of those with restless leg syndrome. If you are affected by restless leg syndrome, you should seek medical advice to exclude any underlying medical conditions. Some medications may also worsen restless leg syndrome. So speak to your GP.

Although there is no known cure the following may help to ease symptoms:

Improve circulation in the legs, say with gentle brushing, self massage or compresses


Reduce caffeine and eat a healthy diet

Stop smoking

Relaxation and stretching may also help to improve circulation