Are you having health issues stop you from doing the things you want to do? Do you have aches and pains? Have you been told to exercise by a medical professional but aren’t sure where to start?

Movement is for everyone, whatever their ability or health history. Many of my clients initially joined my classes because of pain or physical limitations. Many report that the classes are helping them release tension, build strength and mobility and improve balance. They report reduced pain, improved breathing, more vitality, improved fitness and health and better sleep.

“I kept meaning to say that I really enjoyed the new Yoga for Bones.  It was great. […]  To think that when I first came to you, I had a neck that I couldn’t turn either left or right, I had a shoulder I couldn’t move, I couldn’t raise my arm up and my back was so bad I was starting to walk bent over and I felt like an 90 year old!  I’m so grateful to you for sorting me out!” Sue

As a cancer survivor I am particularly interested in health issues that affected many of us after cancer treatment – osteoporosis, lymphatic flow, sleep disorders, pelvic floor health (caused by the severe menopause that my cancer treatment caused), weightloss and diabetes. These are not limited to cancer survivors, of course and I have worked with many clients being affected by these health issues from a wide background. I have taught people affected by health issues in classes or one-to-one sessions. I have also delivered teacher trainings and CPD courses for Yoga and Pilates professionals (Pilates Foundation) and for the NHS (Ipswich cancer programme).

I offer a range of classes for different abilities and preferences, including chair classes for those who want to start exercise but find it hard to stand; Yoga for Bones and Standing Pilates Circuit for those with bone density issues, Feldenkrais for those who want to learn in a very quiet, mindful way.

I also have a range of Pilates classes which are very popular for releasing tension in backs, shoulders and hips.

Or you could try Relax-and-Restore-Sleep, a class for anyone affected by sleep issues or Face Yoga which is particularly popular for releasing tight, painful jaws (TMJ), headaches and can also help to release emotions of stress and improve mood.

We know that exercise can help to improve many health issues – and even if it might not heal the health issue itself, exercise makes us feel better, improve our mood and improve our sleep and well-being.

But exercise has to be right for us and our particular situation and preference – not everyone is able to run a marathon or maybe even walk to the bus stop. And not everyone enjoys dance, whilst others really dislike a mindful, meditative class. I love adapting movement and exercise for different people and to different abilities.

“I have enjoyed Pilates exercises with Kat […] for several years and feel so much better after every session. Always clear and succinct guidance to help with posture, balance and excellent stretching techniques to incorporate for all ages and abilities.” Mary

I have specific interest, qualifications and expertise in the following areas of rehabilitation and offer a wide range of exercise classes and one-to-one sessions for different fitness levels, meditation or breathing classes:

pelvic floor classes and workshops

Insomnia and Relaxation

Healthy Bones

Lymphatic Flow and Cancer

Weight loss, Diabetes and Obesity (GP Referral)

Lower Back Pain (GP Referral)