Movement is for everyone, whatever their ability or health history. We know that exercise can help to improve many health issues – and even if it might not heal the health issue itself, exercise makes us feel better.

But exercise has to be right for us and our particular situation and preference – not everyone is able to run a marathon or maybe even walk to the bus stop. And not everyone enjoys dance, whilst others really dislike a mindful, meditative class. Adapting movement for different people and to different abilities is my passion.

I run a range of classes for different abilities and preferences, including chair classes for those who want to start exercise but find it hard to stand; Feldenkrais for those who want to learn in a very quiet, mindful way and Functional classes (a gentle circuit class that mixes gym work with Pilates), Pilates and Yoga for those who want a bit more fitness but still enjoy the mindful qualities of these types of classes – or you could try Relax-and-Release-to- Sleep, a class that focuses largely on meditation and breath with some very small micro movements, or Face Yoga – because moving our face is also exercise…..

I have specific interest, qualifications and expertise in the following areas of rehabilitation and offer a wide range of exercise classes and one-to-one sessions for different fitness levels, meditation or breathing classes:

Insomnia and Relaxation

Healthy Bones

Lymphatic Flow and Cancer

Diabetes and Obesity (GP Referral)

Lower Back Pain (GP Referral)