The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967). Pilates is holistic exercise that looks at the whole body rather than just individual muscle groups. Pilates is best known for its emphasis on the “core”, improving the body’s functional stability and mobility to ultimately make everyday movements and breathing easier and more pleasurable. This is particularly useful for those whose lifestyle or profession puts strain on a particular area of the body, be it the back, neck or shoulder girdle. Pilates is carried out with a high level of mindfulness which is important for changing habitual movement and postural patterns and makes Pilates feel like a moving meditation.

The original Pilates exercises are suitable for athletes, dancers and for anyone looking for high levels of fitness. Over time, however, the Pilates Method has been modified and adapted, taking account of insights made in the fields of sports medicine and physiotherapy. This makes Pilates suitable for almost everyone independent of their health and fitness level and has led to Pilates being recommended by physiotherapists, GPs and many health care professionals.

More Than Pilates/Pilates Somatic Flow: Pilates-Feldenkrais Fusion Classes

Kat’s “more than Pilates/Pilates Somatic Flow” classes combine Pilates with Feldenkrais and other somatic methods that emphasize kinesthetic awareness to improve movement co-ordination and the collaborative function of the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems.

Kat also underpins her teaching with anatomical imagery and insights from her other movement qualifications, such as, Body Mind Centering, Yoga and Bones for Life. Combining these elements with Pilates exercises offers structure, leads to a deep, inner understanding of our movement choices and promotes lasting change.

Kat teaches Pilates-Feldenkrais fusion classes in Blackheath, Lee/Hither Green, Halesworth, Laxfield and Clopton. For a full timetable click here.

Kat also teaches Pilates for Osteoporosis – a class specially designed to avoid those Pilates practices which may be unsuitable for anyone with low bone density. It also uses small weights to build more strength and has a standing section that focuses on falls prevention.

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