Pilates Matwork, Functional Pilates, Pilates Chair and Pilates Stability Ball for Fitness, Rehabilitation and Well-being

Kat teaches a variety of different Pilates classes suitable for different tastes and levels of fitness: Pilates Matwork, Pilates Circuit (a Functional Pilates-gym fusion class), Chair Pilates-Yoga fusion and Pilates on the Swiss Ball. More information on all of these below.

What is Pilates?

The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967). Nowadays, Pilates is probably best known for its emphasis on the “core”, for improving the body’s functional stability and mobility to ultimately make everyday movements and breathing easier and more pleasurable. This is particularly useful for those whose lifestyle or profession puts strain on a particular area of the body, be it the back, neck or shoulder girdle.

Pilates is a holistic exercise system where most exercises work the whole body rather than just individual muscle groups. Pilates himself said “I base my method on the baby and the cat, the cat rests completely and it moves completely”. So Pilates is a full body workout but at the same time it feels relaxing, partly because it is carried out with a high level of mindfulness. This mindfulness makes Pilates feel like a moving meditation but is also important to help change unhelpful habitual movement and postural patterns.

The original Pilates exercises are suitable for athletes, dancers and for anyone looking for high levels of fitness. Over time, however, the Pilates Method has been modified and adapted, taking account of insights made in the fields of sports medicine and physiotherapy. This makes Pilates suitable for almost everyone independent of their health and fitness level and has led to Pilates being recommended by physiotherapists, GPs and many health care professionals.

Kat teaches a variety of Pilates classes to suit various tastes: Pilates Mat Somatic Flow, Pilates on the Ball, Functional Pilates (chair/standing), Circuit-style Functional Pilates and a new mat class: Dynamic Pilates Functional Mat is going to start soon. You’ll find more details on all of these below. Or contact me to find out which one might be the best class for you.

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Pilates Mat

“Pilates Mat” are dynamic, flowing classes that combine Pilates with Feldenkrais and other somatic methods which emphasize kinesthetic awareness to improve movement co-ordination and the collaborative function of the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems.

Kat also underpins her teaching with anatomical imagery to deepen the understanding of our movement choices and promote lasting change.

Pilates Mat classes are taught online on Monday evenings 5.15-6.15 and 6.30-7.30, Tuesday mornings 9.30-10.30, Tuesday evenings 6.30-7.30 and Wednesday mornings 11.30-12.30. For Kat’s full class times click here.

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Chair Pilates-Yoga fusion

A fully seated, chair-based Pilates-Yoga fusion class that also includes elements from other disciplines, such as Garuda chair, Tripudio lymphatic flow and Bones for Life osteoporosis.

In the chair class we focus on improving functional strength and mobility of the muscles of the upper back and arms, the abdominal muscles and the legs. This is a great class for anyone who has problems with their feet or legs or for anyone who has a misaligned pelvis.

The chair provides feedback to the pelvis and hips so this class is also a great way to become more aware of our habitual patterns in this area of the body.

These fully seated classes offer a full-body workout for anyone. You will need a sturdy chair.

Monday and Friday mornings 9.50-10.35. For Kat’s full class times click here.

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Pilates Circuit – Functional Pilates-Gym Fusion

Functional Pilates classes are taught free-standing, seated and/or possibly standing supported by a wall (to replace the floor). These classes are designed to improve functional mobility, stability and balance. They work particularly well for strengthening legs and buttocks, to increase functional abdominal and pelvic floor strength and, like all Pilates classes, are particularly concerned with protecting the lower back, albeit in a vertical plane (ie in standing and sitting). The classes also a focus on controlled rotation to increase range of motion gently without over-challenging the spine.

The rationale for Functional Pilates is that we live and move in vertical orientation and respond to gravity in a different way than when we are lying on a mat. Dynamic movement in this orientation is therefore more functional. Kat also includes lymphatic (Tripudio-based) and Pilates for Osteoporosis/Bones for Life elements in these classes. Functional Pilates classes are taught online on Monday and Friday mornings 9-9.45. This class includes a 15 minute matwork section at the end which is optional. For Kat’s full class times click here.

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Circuit-style Functional Pilates

Looking for a step-up from functional Pilates? Try the Pilates Circuit: An energising, more dynamic whole-body-conditioning Pilates-based circuit that combines cardiovascular with functional training promoting muscular strength and endurance as well as flexibility and versatility. Encompasses the principles of Pilates, Yoga and functional gym exercises. To build muscular strength and endurance we will use our own body weight and readily available props. You will need a sturdy chair and small weights which could be food cans or drinks cartons, Pilates soft ball weights or similar. If you are using food cans, you might want to wear well-fitting shoes.

Pilates Circuit classes are taught online Mondays 9.15-10. For Kat’s full class times click here.

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Dynamic Pilates Functional Mat

To start soon

This mat- and floor-based class is more challenging, more dynamic and more functional than the normal Pilates Matwork class. It uses your own bodyweight and a few easily available props and requires a reasonable amount of muscular strength. Not suitable for rehabilitation.

Please contact me to express interest.