Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain affects most of us at some stage in our lives. For most of us it is a short term event that is caused by tense muscles or a problem with the structural alignment of our body. This can generally be helped my normal matwork Pilates or Feldenkrais classes.

In others, back pain may be due to structural damage such as a disc or spine problem. This would need a different approach: you should see a health care professional for the latter – either a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath who will give you exercises or manipulate the bones or muscles. Once you have given the go-ahead by your health care provider, Pilates, Feldenkrais or Yoga can still be great practices for you, helping you get well, but you would probably need a one-to-one session rather than join an open class.

I holds a level 4 GP referral in Lower Back Pain Management. As mentioned above, some of my general classes may be suitable for you if you suffer from lower back pain. However, it depends on the particular issue that is causing your pain. I also offers one-to-one sessions. Contact me if you have lower back pain and want to discuss your particular case or are curious about my classes.

A word of caution: Should you develop sudden lower back pain without any notable event, such as a mega session of gardening or over-exercising, and have some additional problems, such as digestive problems or problems passing urine you will need to check with your GP or a physio to make sure that exercise is the best prescription for you.