“We are somewhat more ourselves in our sleeps; and the slumber of the body seems to be the waking of the soul” Thomas Browne

Sleep is vital for our mental and physical well-being.

Most of us have the odd sleepless night. But for some of us, our sleep is disrupted on a regular basis – either we find it difficult to fall asleep or have disturbed sleep, waking up during the night and finding it difficult to go back to sleep. This may be due to medical reasons so you should always check with your GP if you suffer from chronic insomnia. Mostly, though insomnia is caused by stress and tension – physical or mental.

The Relax-and-Restore-Sleep class is designed to help the body to release tension and let go of stress-related thinking. The class combines breathing exercises with small micro-movements.

Monday nights 7.45 from the end of October 2020

Kat is a qualified insomnia practitioner