Feldenkrais – an empowering method to learn more about our bodies and minds

The Feldenkrais Method was developed by Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984) after a knee injury. He realized that injuries are often caused or made worse by the body not working efficiently. Feldenkrais teaches us to re-learn better functional movement by re-awakening action in those body parts that no longer support a particular movement and by reducing the involvement of those body parts that are compensating and overworking.

After a Feldenkrais class, people often report less tension and pain, easier breathing, improved balance, better sleep, relaxation and well-being, improved performance in sport, dance, music and drama, greater ease in everyday activities and more vitality.

Feldenkrais is more than just a method of learning to move better. Yes, it can help us to find more ease in our back, neck and shoulders, more flexibility and better co-ordination and posture. But Feldenkrais can also lead to a more developed sense of self and thereby help us to realise our full potential – in life, not just on the mat. For this reason Feldenkrais is often popular with musicians, dancers, actors and those involved in professional sport.

Feldenkrais is suitable for everyone and can be adapted to suit all levels of fitness and well being. It is a very mindful practice and heightens awareness.

Kat teaches numerous Feldenkrais inspired Pilates fusion classes (see timetable). Feldenkrais can help sleep, realign the body and bring more ease to the body. To find out more or to book a class or individual lesson or to set up a new group class or workshop click the link to contact me

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The Feldenkrais training is a comprehensive 1000+ hour training usually taking 4 years. Kat qualified on the London 3 training.