Chair Classes

A fully seated, chair-based Pilates-Yoga fusion class that also includes elements from other disciplines, such as Garuda chair, Tripudio lymphatic flow and Bones for Life osteoporosis.

In the chair class we focus on improving functional strength and mobility of the muscles of the upper back and arms, the abdominal muscles and the legs. This is a great class for anyone who has problems with their feet or legs or for anyone who has a misaligned pelvis.

The chair provides feedback to the pelvis and hips so this class is also a great way to become more aware of our habitual patterns in this area of the body.

These fully seated classes offer a full-body workout for anyone. You will need a sturdy chair.

Monday and Friday mornings 9.50-10.35. For Kat’s full class times click here.

If you are new to class, please fill in this health form