Feldenkrais-Pilates fusion classes and the horse rider

Feldenkrais-Pilates fusion classes combine improving core function, stability and mobility with enhanced weight distribution, better co-ordination, refined pelvic awareness and function, as well as heightened awareness of personal habits in you and your horse. This may eventually lead to better and clearer communication between you and your horse and thus to an improved riding experience. 

Communication between horse and rider happens mainly through the rider’s body. How the rider sits, moves and distributes weight will all be sensed by the horse which will in turn respond to these messages. This non-verbal communication can be extremely subtle: the slightest change in our posture or weight distribution may communicate a particular message to the horse – just as we recognise and may respond to non-verbal messages, say a particular facial expression, an irritated “tut-tut” or a sharp in-breath, the horse registers these small continuous messages from the rider. If the rider wants to communicate clearly with the horse, it is therefore important to be aware of habitual movement or postural choices. If the rider’s body is out of alignment – say the rider has a particular habitual weight distribution to one side, for example – the rider has to work harder to communicate clearly with the horse. The rider may even give mixed messages to the horse. 

Feldenkrais-Pilates classes combine bringing awareness to our habitual body patterns and can help to change these patterns. This may improve communication with your horse, improve saddle stability and the ability to rhythmically respond to your horse and may also help with health issues, such as back pain, pelvic floor function, neck and shoulder issues.

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