Someone once said “movement is life”. They might have said that about me: Movement has always been my passion – as a teenager I was a competitive swimmer, was a passionate horse rider, played tennis, danced and was seriously into running, cycling and athletics. Then I developed health issues: back pain, knee problems, cancer and osteoporosis. Movement became even more important although I suddenly had to find different ways to move.

So after a career as a university lecturer and journalist, I qualified as a Pilates teacher with the Pilates Foundation® in 2008. I realised quickly that this was just the beginning of a journey to teach movement classes for well-being, rehabilitation and fitness. I subsequently qualified as a Yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga® and as a gym instructor. To support rehabilitation, I trained as a Garuda® chair teacher and in Bones for Life® (movement designed for osteoporosis), qualified for GP referral in physical activity and weight management for obese and diabetic patients and in management for lower back pain. As a breast cancer survivor I am experienced in working with anyone undergoing cancer treatment and developed a movement system suitable for those affected by lymphoedema and chronic illnesses. My interest in somatics and body-mind movement, led me to qualify as a Feldenkrais practitioner and also as a somatic movement educator with Body Mind Centering®. My teaching draws on these different influences and I would describe my classes as fusion classes.

I also have a BSc (Hons) in Health Science (Herbal Medicine) from the University of Westminster and a PGCE and MA in Education. Teaching movement perfectly combines my passions for health and education. The degree in Health Science also gives me a strong background in nutrition which is another passion of mine.

Many clients come to my classes for back, neck, shoulder or pelvic floor issues or after surgery or injuries but I also teach therapists, singers and artists who want to re-connect with their bodies and breath as well as people who just enjoy a mindful class. As a Breast Cancer Survivor I also have a particular interest and expertise in that area and some years ago co-developed Tripudio Movement Systems (movement for lymphoedema) with a colleague. I also have a strong interest in osteoporosis, drawing on Bones for Life® and the use of weights and weight bearing exercises combined with postural and falls prevention work when working with people with bone density issues.

I divide my time between Suffolk and South East London.

You can contact me on 07483 857389 or by clicking on this link