About Kat

Why write about me? This is the page where I try to impress you with my experience and qualifications. And because qualification and experience aren’t everything I talk a little bit about why and how I became a teacher. As on all the other pages, I have added a lot of testimonials from clients. Because their voices are more important than my voice. Because this work isn’t about me but about you. It’s about whether you like what I offer and whether you think I can help you achieve your goals and dreams. If you think I can help I look forward to hearing from you. Now, here’s a little bit about me (starting with a quote from a student…...)

“Kat’s upbeat, friendly, and highly professional zoom classes are a highlight of the pandemic.  A focus in the week when I discover more muscles and more connections within my body than I could ever have imagined.  I feel stronger, fitter and better as a result.   Thank you so so much for all the effort that you quite clearly put in.  Your teaching style is superb  – only a very good teacher/ instructor can communicate as well and as carefully” Liz

Someone once said “movement is life”. They might have said that about me: Movement has always been my passion – as a teenager I was a competitive swimmer, enjoyed horse riding, tennis, dancing (from ballet to “jazz dancing” – dressed in shiny leotards that made me look like a dressed-up sausage. 1980s fashion…). I was also seriously into running, cycling and athletics. Then I developed health issues: back pain, knee problems, cancer and osteoporosis. Movement became even more important although I suddenly had to find different ways to move.

So after a career as a university lecturer and journalist, I qualified as a Pilates teacher with the Pilates Foundation® in 2008. I realised quickly that this was just the beginning of a journey to teach movement classes for well-being, rehabilitation and fitness. I subsequently qualified as a Yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga®, as a Feldenkrais practitioner and also as a somatic movement educator with Body Mind Centering®. My teaching draws on these different influences.

“Kat’s classes have kept me sane as well as fit and flexible. I love the way she delivers her classes with humour, superb knowledge, skill and passion” Issy

I also have a BSc (Hons) in Health Science (Herbal Medicine). The degree also gives me a strong background in nutrition which is another passion of mine. Yet my main interest is teaching, coaching and supporting my clients back to health and wellbeing – be it through movement, breath or meditation. I know that one style doesn’t fit all so I offer a range of classes and styles so that you can find what suits you.

“Kat is a brilliantly adept, fun, creative and professional Pilates and Yoga coach. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable and encourages everyone (no matter their level or ability) to succeed and feel great. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat” Ali

I run a variety of Pilates and Yoga classes for different levels of fitness. I also have a strong interest in rehabilitation. As a breast cancer survivor I understand the challenges facing anyone undergoing cancer treatment and the related potential subsequent health conditions that affect so many. These health issues are not unique to those undergoing cancer and many of my classes are suitable or designed for anyone who has problems with bone density and diabetes. I also offer special classes and workshops that are designed to help with sleep and relaxation and also offer workshops and one-to-ones suitable for some pelvic floor issues.

“I have enjoyed Pilates exercises with Kat, who is an inspirational and reassuring teacher, for several years and feel so much better after every session. Always clear and succinct guidance to help with posture, balance and excellent stretching techniques to incorporate for all ages and abilities.” Mary

Insomnia: Sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing. Sleep deprivation can lead to serious health issues, including cardiovascular issues, such as heart disease, lowered immunity, diabetes and obesity, depression and many more. Problems with sleep include not being able to fall asleep, waking in the night and being unable to return to sleep or waking up too early as well as sleep-related problems -bruxism (a posh work for “grinding teeth”) which can lead to TMJ disorder. Insomnia has many causes, most common are stress-related ones, say, being a new parent, menopause, problems at work or a stressful job or even an event, such as an accident or the death of a loved one, that throws us out of balance. We are seeing this at the moment during the Corona-pandemic: most of us have problems sleeping. Depression is another major cause. I am a qualified relaxation and insomnia practitioner. For more information click the link for better sleep or for TMJ. For facial tension issues, such as tight jaws, tooth grinding, tinnitus, you may also find Face Yoga of interest.

Bone density: most of us lose bone density as we age. Some of us develop osteoporosis or osteopenia caused by other medical conditions or treatment. Yet reasons for low bone density can also include athletic exercise (many top level cyclists seem to have osteoporosis, for example) or stress. There seems to be a familial risk factor too (my grandmother had a dowager’s hump). Or it can be caused by medical treatment: My own osteopenia was picked up during my cancer treatment. So I decided to go back to the drawing board and research exercise methods that support bone density: I qualified in Bones for Life® (movement designed for osteoporosis) Buff Bones (Pilates for osteoporosis) and as a gym instructor. Weight training has been shown to help improve bone density, diabetes/blood sugar levels and also lymphoedema. I teach a weekly Yoga for Bones class (Yoga has been shown to improve bone density, improve balance and thus prevent falls), a standing Pilates circuit class as well as a seated Pilates chair class where we use small weights. I also offer private sessions in Yoga or Pilates for osteoporosis.

Lymphoedema: a common problem for many cancer survivors but also prevalent in many other diseases, such as diabetes type 2. As the lymphatic system is a vital part of our immune system I researched this system widely and co-developed a movement system for those affected by lymphoedema, Tripudio Movement Systems, with Julia Williams. Tripudio Movement Systems is taught widely in hospices. I have run several teacher trainings and CPD events, including for Pilates and Yoga professionals and for the NHS.

Diabetes and Obesity: diabetes can have many causes but controlling our blood sugar is important for controlling many diseases. A combination of exercise and good diet are the proven to help control our blood sugar levels. I am qualified for GP referral in physical activity and weight management for obese and diabetic patients.

I also run Chair exercises for those who cannot exercise easily whilst standing.

Many clients come to my classes for back, neck, shoulder or pelvic floor issues or after surgery or injuries but I also teach therapists, singers and artists who want to re-connect with their bodies and breath as well as people who just enjoy a mindful class. I feel that knowing how to relax is just as important as physical fitness. I offer a range of classes that addresses all these.

I divide my time between Suffolk and South East London.

You can contact me on 07483 857389 or by clicking on this link

You care for us all as though we are your family or best friends. Thank you, you are not only good for our bodies but for our souls too, it is a privilege to know you” Paul & Eva