About Kat

Someone once said “movement is life”. They might have said that about me: Movement has always been my passion – as a teenager I was a competitive swimmer, enjoyed horse riding, tennis, dancing (from ballet to “jazz dancing” – dressed in shiny leotards that made me look like a dressed-up sausage. 1980s fashion…). I was also seriously into running, cycling and athletics. Then I developed health issues: back pain, knee problems, cancer and osteoporosis. Movement became even more important although I suddenly had to find different ways to move.

So after a career as a university lecturer and journalist, I qualified as a Pilates and Barre teacher. Both supported my interest in the pelvic floor and gut health which I followed up with various trainings in pelvic floor fitness and rehabilitation. And yet I found that this was just the beginning of a journey to teach movement for well-being, rehabilitation and fitness.

I became increasing interested in modalities that supported my mind and emotions. So I qualified as a Yoga and Chi Gong teacher. I also studied modern mind-body somatic therapies: I am a Feldenkrais practitioner and a somatic movement educator with Body Mind Centering®. All these methods offer an insight into emotional and mental health and wellbeing. Their models of wellness showed me that we do not necessarily need to know the story to help emotional recovery. The patterns of our mind and emotions can often be found in the patterns of our body and breath. Addressing the body and breath can change our emotions and lead to a sense of ease and wellbeing. The Yoga/Chi Gong psychological models can help us identify unhelpful patterns of thought and emotions and help us release them gently to support personal growth and happiness.

I am also a qualified relaxation and insomnia coach. Many of my clients benefit from these additions to their wellbeing programme.

I also have a BSc (Hons) in Health Science (Herbal Medicine). The degree also gives me a strong background in the medical side of disease and health. Yet my main interest is teaching, coaching and supporting my clients back to health and wellbeing through a tailor made programme that combines movement, breath, meditation and Yoga/Chi-Gong psychological support.

I divide my time between Suffolk and South East London.

You can contact me on 07483 857389 or by clicking on this link

You care for us all as though we are your family or best friends. Thank you, you are not only good for our bodies but for our souls too, it is a privilege to know you” Paul & Eva

“Kat is a brilliantly adept, fun, creative and professional Pilates and Yoga coach. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable and encourages everyone (no matter their level or ability) to succeed and feel great. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat” Ali

“Kat’s classes have kept me sane as well as fit and flexible. I love the way she delivers her classes with humour, superb knowledge, skill and passion” Issy