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Welcome to Pilates, Yoga, Relaxation and Fitness with Kat. I have been helping hundreds of clients improve their health, well-being and fitness. My clients regularly report increased mobility, flexibility, strength, tone and balance, less pain, more ease of movement, as well as more vitality, improved mood and better sleep. You will find their testimonials throughout this website. Their voices are important because my classes are about them and their challenges. I hope you enjoy their voices and that they will inspire you to join a class or book a one-to-one session with me.

I find Kat’s regular online classes invaluable for mobility, flexibility, muscle tone and mood enhancing communication.” Diana

I offer a wide range of online Pilates and Yoga classes to suit different tastes and levels of fitness and health as well as Relaxation & Sleep classes:

8 Pilates classes to help you improve core strength, release tight muscles, improve mobility, posture and balance: 2 Matwork classes, 2 Standing Pilates Circuit Classes, 2 Chair Pilates Classes, 1 Pilates Stability Ball Class and 1 Pilates on the Foam Roller Class. Click here for more information: Pilates

4 Fit Yoga Flow Classes: 2 Warrior Flow, 1 Core Flow, 1 Tone Flow – for those with a good level of fitness and health. Click here for more information: Yoga Flow

3 class types for bone density: gentle Yoga for Bones class, Standing Pilates and Chair Pilates for an all-round practice to support your bones, improve strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. Click here for more information: Yoga for Bones or Standing Pilates Circuit

1 Face Yoga class – exercising our face has wonderful health and emotional benefits and is a lot of fun! Click here for more information: Face Yoga

Plus access to recorded on-demand classes (recordings of live classes and specially recorded sessions)

Plus workshops, online retreats and series of classes to aid Relaxation and Sleep teaching you strategies to help you relax and fall asleep easier. Click here for more information: Release-and-Restore-Sleep

Click here to contact me to book. You can book for one class only or book a block of classes (single class per week or unlimited). You can mix-and-match classes and do not have to stick to the same class week-in week-out. Many clients find that this fits best with their lifestyle. There may also the option of revising the class by taking a recorded class in your own time.

“Your online Pilates, Bones for Life and Ball classes are superb. Well run with good professionalism making sure our individual needs are catered for. A nice warm network of people as well. I really could not have coped during lockdowns without the classes . It is also helping the freedom of my singing voice; singing teacher has confirmed this.” Nina

For anyone with severe health issues, click here to book a one-to-one session with me to tailor a practice for your individual health, well-being or fitness challenge.

I have experience of teaching for a range of health issues, including cancer, lymphoedema, osteoporosis, insomnia, diabetes and obesity. You can find out more about my qualifications and experience by clicking here. Click on the links or pictures below to find out more about me and my work and classes. I hope to meet you soon!

“Kat’s Pilates and yoga classes are, without a doubt, the reason that my mobility is noticeably returning after a long lay-off due to back injury. Her easy delivery style, the pace of the class, and the range of the exercises are cleverly targeted and spot on. Deceptively subtle but incredibly effective coming from a very knowledgeable and informative teacher. I honestly can not recommend her highly enough” Nick

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